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Member Spotlight 

Songe LaRon

Co-founder & CEO,

Squire Technologies

Songe LaRon is the co-founder and CEO of Squire, a New York-based startup that aims to positively disrupt the male grooming industry by allowing guys to book and pay for a haircut or shave from their phones in a just few taps. The IOS mobile app uses a combination of search features based on style, budget, and location in order to both simplify and savor the finer facets of the barbershop experience.

LaRon had his first taste of entrepreneurship as a senior at UCLA when he launched a tutoring service for local high school students. Recognizing the demand for high quality tutors in the LA area, LaRon recruited fellow Bruins to provide a range of study support services in math, science, and SAT prep. After receiving his B.A. in philosophy, he went on to attend Yale Law School and practiced corporate law from 2010-2014. According to LaRon, UCLA's diversity of culture, ideas and people piqued his interests to pursue professional higher education in law and an eventual career in tech: "Needless to say, UCLA will always occupy a special place in my heart when it comes to entrepreneurship."

Driven by technology's ability to improve people's lives, LaRon brings a unique perspective to the Bruin startup circuit as a former attorney, and looks forward to both re-connecting with the UCLA entrepreneurial community while giving back to current students.

To stay up to date on all things Squire, connect with them on Twitter @getsquire and Facebook

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