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Bruin Company Spotlight


The UCLA VC FUND is proud to represent Bruin companies that are making trailblazing contributions to UCLA's entrepreneurial activities. We kick off this new series with GoGuardian, a Los Angeles-based startup at the intersection of education and digital technology.

Founded in 2014 by UCLA alumni Aza Steel (B.A., '13), Advait Shinde (B.S., '12), and R. Todd Mackey (MBA, '91), GoGuardian is the leading provider of Chromebook management and protection software in K-12 education. This Bruin-led business got its start on the UCLA campus and grew out of direct requests and feedback from educators who needed the ability to maximize the benefits of digital learning while mitigating the new challenges associated with it. GoGuardian also made headlines earlier this year when both Steel and Shinde were featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2016.

In addition to its two main software products GoGuardian for Administrators and GoGuardian for Teachers, the company has recently launched, GoGuardian Fleet, and will release their next product, GoGuardian Director in the near future.

“By giving educators granular control over and insight into how their devices are being used, GoGuardian's software enables them to track the impact technology is having on their students, both instantly and historically” CEO Aza Steel said. “Our mission is to help educators proactively create a safe ecosystem for students to thrive. Every day we hear from a new parent or educator about how our products have made a positive impact in their classrooms—ranging from identifying cyberbullying to facilitating breakthroughs for special needs students.”

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